How to deposit?

Step 1: Visit the A9playnow site and go to the Login page.

Step 2: Login with ID and password, click “Me” > “Wallet” > “Top up”.

Step 2: You must select a bank that makes it convenient for you to deposit or transmit funds 

(Note: Note: If you choose this bank, the account will be tied to your account and can not be changed)

Step 3: Select “I agree” and click “Next” 

Step 4: The recharge amount should be entered and clicked “Submit”

Step 5: Click (+) to upload a document for depositing or transferring cash, and then click “Submit” again

Once the system checks that you followed the steps exactly, the recharge will be complete in five minutes

Note: The name of the bank account and the account number will change irregularly on A9playnow. Please ensure that your deposit or transfer subject matches the current account.